Umzamo Analytical Services CEO Audrey Ndlovu Named as Finalist at Ithala Business Achiever Award

Johannesburg, 12 May: Umzamo Analytical Services (UAS), a leading coal analysis sampling and preparation provider, has announced that CEO Audrey Ndlovu was named as a finalist at the 2016 Ithala Business Acheiver Awards. The Ithala Business Achiever Awards recognises clients’ business success and acknowledges their contribution towards developing an entrepreneurial province in KwaZulu-Natal. Given the

Umzamo Analytical Services Opens On-Site Lab at Overlooked Colliery

Witbank, 27 January 2017 – Renowned coal analysis firm, Umzamo Analytical Services (UAS), have opened a containerized analysis lab at Overlooked Colliery in Bethal to provide real time, on site analysis. Umzamo Analytical Services is distinguished in various coal sampling, analysis and laboratory concepts, including the commission and management of on-site laboratories that allow coal mining